We’re getting it right in a Just In Time environment.

You need slate gray heated leather seats four hours from now to install in one of your most popular vehicles. Who are you going to trust to turn around quality product exactly when you need it?

Just-in-Time manufacturing is Bridgewater Interiors's core strength. Getting product to you in as little as 3 to 4 hours. We know how to eliminate waste, lower costs, and provide quality products in a fast-paced, manufacturing world.

It all starts with quality craftsmanship. We're adept at making the products consumers touch every day.

Equipped with the most progressive technologies and equipment, Bridgewater Interiors assembly lines are operated by a highly skilled team that’s focused on the details – building complete automotive seating systems, center consoles and overhead systems to your exact specifications. Constructed of the materials, colors, mechanical options, and special features our customers are looking for, and backed by engineering expertise that would be hard to duplicate.

We have over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space spread over four U.S. manufacturing facilities to meet the needs of our customers. We produce hundreds of different seating configurations every day, including 56 on one program alone!

Bridgewater Interiors products are built in sequence. Electronically tested. Delivered on time – without a hitch. That's our manufacturing promise to you.



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